Movable Pitching Mounds
Lady Express

The Lady Express is a great training aid for fast-pitch softball. This mat comes with an attached regulation pitching rubber, and an optional white Power Line designed to improve the pitcher’s mechanics and accuracy.  Every Lady Express comes with its own convenient carry bag for easy transport.

The Lady Express is made from durable Astroturf®, and has a non-skid rubber backing that prevents slipping on indoor surfaces.

  • 3 x 9 mat designed for indoor practice
  • Regulation pitching rubber
  • Made from durable Astroturf (insert trademark logo)
  • Rubber backing eliminates slipping on indoor surfaces
  • Available with or without 2” Power Line
  • Carry bag for easy transport

Lady Express

Product Name:  Lady Express

Product Price: $249.00 - Free shipping!

  • Delivery time is location dependent, typically less than 2 weeks.



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